Selena Gomez Is A 10 In Her Latest Photoshoot For InStyle Magazine

Of course you have to check this out.

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Photo: Instagram/InStyle Magazine

The Weeknd is a lucky fella as last time we talked about his girlfriend Selena Gomez it was to talk about her wearing a see-through dress. And as you know that was quite the sight. But this time around the 25-year-old decided to team up with InStyle Magazine for quite the hot photoshoot. And of course we get to see the photos because sometimes the internet is the best.

Not only does was the singer and actress involved in a photoshoot but she also sat down with the magazine for an interview where she talks about things ranging from her career to her love life. Does that matter to you? Of course it doesn’t. You’re just here for the photos.

So take a look at the photos from the shoot below.

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And let’s end things with this amazing video:

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Yep, I’ll call that a successful shoot.

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