Fergie Is In Hawaii So Obviously She’s Wearing Nothing But Bikinis

Looks like quite the vacation.

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Photo: Instagram/Fergie

I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I assume that is what people do — just hang out in bikinis all day.

Hey, remember Fergie? Of course you do. She used to be in that band everyone hated, The Black Eyed Peas. These days when Fergie isn’t releasing terrible music she’s showcasing her goods on the beach. And guess what? That is exactly what Fergie recently did while in Hawaii.

The 42-year-old decided to go with a tiny brown two-piece as she frolicked in the waters. Yes, I said “frolicked.” And well, let’s just say that Fergie has still got it. Let’s take a look at some photos that will prove that previous statement.

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This is much better than anything the Black Eyed Peas did.

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