Arianny Celeste Continues To Drop Jaws With Her Fantastic Cleavage Photos On Instagram

*picks up jaw*

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Arianny Celeste

Can you believe that the last time we talked about Arianny Celeste it was way back in May? That’s right, it was to put the focus on what was one smoking hot sunbathing photo. But since it has been almost three months since we’ve checked on the 31-year-old UFC ring girl and model, of course we just had to check out her Instagram.

And you know what? We are so glad we did. And that’s mainly because Celeste has been dropping some pretty incredible photos on Instagram where the spotlight is on her cleavage. Need an example? That’s what we are here for. Check out the photo below.

Told you. Would we ever lie to you? Well, we would, but not this time. Let’s now kick back and get ready to stroll through some more hot recent photos all thanks to Celeste and her goods.

And don’t forget about the bum.

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