Hilary Duff Once Again Proves That She Has Quite The Bum

Not like we forgot.

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Photo: Instagram/Hilary Duff

Listen, anytime we hear word that Hilary Duff was once again walking around and having quite the time while in bikini we are going to write about it. And why wouldn’t we? She’s freaking Lizzie McGuire. And Lizzie has a set of hips and quite the bum.

Last month we just had to mention how often the 29-year-old has been showing off her incredible butt, and ever since then we have kept a eye on the actress, hoping that she will parade around in a bikini…again. Well guess what? That’s exactly what Duff did recently as she headed out to a beach in Hawaii while on vacation.

And well…

Yep, we just had to talk about it. And don’t worry, because there is more where that came from. Have a look.

Oh, and we might as well check these out, too.

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