Madison Pettis Is Shaking Off That ‘Disney Star’ Image One Hot Photo At A Time

And we think she's succeeding.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors

You probably don’t know who Madison Pettis is unless you’re a big fan of the Disney series Cory in the House for some reason. But, if you ever saw that terrible movie The Game Plan starring The Rock, just know that Pettis was the little girl in that film.

Photo: Buena Vista Pictures

Photo: Buena Vista Pictures

But that was back in 2007 and now Pettis is 19-years-old. And guess what? She’s grew up into quite the hottie.

That’s right, folks. The actress and model is still getting TV and movie work and that’s all fine and dandy. But since you will never watch anything with her in it, it’s probably the best move to check out some of the hottest photos this gal has been sharing on her Instagram — photos that go a long way to shaking off that Disney vibe.

Take a look.

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