Top 3 Crying Sports Moments Caught On TV

[Video] Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron was emotional on the sidelines after his team's last second win over LSU Saturday. Here are the top three emotional sports moments caught on camera.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Hate 'em or love 'em, Alabama had a last second victory against LSU on Saturday night that will have fans reminiscing for decades to come. It was a big moment for Bama, but an even bigger moment for quarterback A.J. McCarron.

See the moment at 4:58


Now to the top 3 of all-time…

#3 Thomas Hill, Duke – 1992 NCAA Regional Finals, Kentucky vs. Duke – "The Shot"

We've all seen it. Possibly the greatest, most famous shot in the history of basketball.

For all of us not from the south, or entrenched in college basketball for that matter, it's hard for us to even fathom the rivalry that has culminated from these Kentucky vs. Duke matchups of year's past. Two NBA star-studded teams, fighting for the right to go to the Final Four: overtime; a last second go-ahead shot by Kentucky followed by an impossible buzzer beater by Christian Laettner to give Duke the regional title — it all equaled a perfect moment captured on television. As the camera panned to the sideline, we all saw Duke guard Thomas Hill with his hands over his head, overcome with emotion in the victory.

#2 Terrell Owens, 49ers – 1998 NFL Wild Card playoff game, Packers vs. 49ers – "The Catch 2"

Owens had just completed his third season and was having a breakout year. He finished the year with 14 TDs and over 1,000 yards receiving. Still, no one could have predicted this play.

The Niners still had the Steve Young to Jerry Rice combo, but were still outmatched, having lost to the Packers in the playoffs for what seemed an eternity. No matter how well the Niners finished in the regular season, Brett Favre and the Packers had their number come playoff time every season. Not this year.

With just seconds to go,Young would find Owens — not Rice — in the middle of the end zone. The catch (aptly named the 'Catch 2,' after the first famous catch being Montana to Clark in the '82 NFC championship) was Owens' coming out party. His emotional reaction was also something fans would never forget.

#1 Michael Jordan, Bulls – 1991 NBA Finals, Bulls vs. Lakers – Jordan's First Championship

See moment at 4:04

Jordan was already considered the best player on the planet, but he still had the dark shadow of not having a ring — something all the true elite players like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas all had. In 1991, that all changed.

The footage is great because he shares the moment following the Game 5 clinching win over the Lakers with his late father, who you see sitting to Jordan's right in the video. Jordan would also be overcome with emotion following his championship against the Sonics in 1996, his first championship that followed his father's death.

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