6 HIlarious TV Crossovers That Will Never Happen

TV could have been a lot better if this happened...

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

We here at CRAVE Online are big on "what if" scenarios. "What if the sun turned into a black hole? What if Lebron James and Kevin James were related? What if that girl who takes our Starbucks order reads that poem I wrote in my journal about her?" 

So it's only logical for us to take on one of our biggest loves — Television. This week we've come up with six TV crossovers that we wish would've happened. The results are troubling to say the least.

Take a look:


Rubber Man on Saved by the Bell:

What would've happened: After Rubber Man appeared to Screech who was caught masturbating and crying in the men's locker room, he would have terrorized Zach Morris and his group of friends over the course of the season by systematically sleep sexing all of them. 


Vern from "OZ" on Two and a Half Men: 

What would've happened: Serial Rapist, Vern probably would have gotten jealous that his main "fish" (Charlie Sheen) was paying attention to other women and not him, so in a jealous rage he shivs Jon Cryer in the night and has his way with his corpse while the prison guards look on. 


Abu Nazir from "Homeland" on Parks & Recreation:

What would've happened: Leslie Knope would have spent the entire season convinced that Abu Nazir had "turned" Aziz Ansari's character into terrorist since he is the only person of color in Indiana. 


Tyrion Lannister on Full House:

What would've happened: Tyrion would have engaged the Tanner family in a psychological warfare and military strategy to the point where they would wipe one another out leaving Tyrion the last man standing at the end of the season.


Walter White on Dawson's Creek:

What would've happened: Pacey would have OD'd within the first fifteen minutes of the first episode. 


Rick Grimes on Family Matters:

What would've happened: Grimes would have hopefully mistaken Steve Urkel for a zombie and did the universe a favor by shooting him in the brain.