Best of Twitter: Week of 10/10

We get ahold of the funniest Tweets about news, sports, politics, and pop culture so you don't have to!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe


Are you sick of hearing about what Ashton Kutcher had for dinner or about whatever next, dumb product placement some random celebrity is endorsing? Of course you are. Twitter is made for two things: Self-promotion and dirty jokes! That's it. We here at CRAVE defy you to come up with another reason that Twitter exists. There is none.

 Take a look:


Haha, suck it, Romney.


Or when you hide razorblades in the dog food… is it wierd I just said that?


What a stinky way to live. 


Funniest thing about this is the Voldermort caption.


You're braver than we are!


Those tights are a little fruity, now that you mention it. 


If Bane is big on anything, it's making an enterance. 


If it was Bradshaw, he took a hell of a bullet. And by "bullet" we mean oral sex. 


We at CRAVE missed this badly by about ten years. 


Nope. The real dialogue is just as good. 


Have we ever considered how odd this movie is where an alien gives the little boy magical powers by fingering him? 


Ninety-nine problems and a left testicle isn't one.  


Well, Lance. You got one. 


Twenty bucks it's Biden's entrance music. 


You are a shiowreck of a man, Sheik. 


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