New Show ‘Northsiders’ Facing Controversy

Reality program is also attracting potential viewers.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Think of it as a Canadian version of "Jersey Shore" – a bunch of young people thrown into a house in Northern Edmonton and videotaped 24 hours a day seven days a week.

According to CBC News, the casting call for the new show "Northsiders" said the series is "'a wild, racy, and unpredictable social experiment, as we throw a group of bona-fide northsiders into a run-down house, make them live together for 13 weeks, and see if anyone survives with any dignity intact.' Producers were seeking characters which include an older and younger 'oil-patch/construction/trade worker,' 'The Rocker Chick,' and the 'Bar Star.' They are also seeking a '40-something cougar' who parties 'like she's still in high school' as well as the '18-24 single mom' who is on social assistance but still 'has plenty of cash leftover to party every night.' They were on the hunt to find the technie, the brain (a straight-A student) and a musician (typecast much?!) as well.

While some are anxious to see how the show plays out, many are against it, and there is already a petition circulating to stop the series from continuing. As Global News pointed out, "Opposition to the series is also alive and well. A petition against the show has already been started saying, 'If there is going to be a new tired, unoriginal, stereotyping reality show set in a city,  Edmonton is not the city to do it in.'"

Because casting is still underway, the show won't begin filming for at least another year (Global), meaning there's still time for the naysayers to be heard. Funding could also be an issue for the project.