7 Baby Hulks

Baby Hulk Smash Spongebob!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

There’s only so much gamma radiation a baby can be exposed to. Eventually, science tells us that baby’s gonna turn into a green muscle-machine. On the bright side, there are more Avengers Day Care Centers now than ever before! Check out these photos of 7 baby hulks:


Baby Hulk vs. Toys

Baby Hulk hate teddy! Baby Hulk prefer Elmo! [via]


Baby Hulk vs. Train

Baby Hulk glad no have to change own diaper. [via]


Baby Hulk vs. Incubator

Baby Hulk glad Loki not outside of box. [via]


Baby Hulk vs. Baby Batman

Batman movies too long and violent for Baby Hulk! GRRR! [via]


Asian Baby Hulk vs. His Inner Rage

The secret: Asian Baby Hulk always angry! [via]


Baby Hulk vs. Sleepiness

Baby Hulk SLEEP… soon… [via]


Baby Hulk vs. The World

Baby Hulk… uh… waaaaah! [via]


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