Canada Sings Ready For Season 2

Celeb judge Vanilla Ice has been making his media rounds.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

"Vanilla Ice" rapper and reality show judge of "Canada Sings" (whose real name is Rob Van Winkle) has been busy promoting the second season of his series, where he joins celeb judges Jann Arden and Laurieann Gibson as well as host Matte Babel.

"Canada Sings" is a singing competition in which "glee clubs" from different companies and organizations compete go head to head each week. The winners are given $25,000 to donate to any charity of their choice (and the losers win $5000 for their charity).

"I'm in the middle of two ladies, and if I dared go against them with, 'This group should win,' or, 'That group should win for this reason or that reason,' boy I get attacked," Van Winkle said with a laugh to Postmedia News. According to the media outlet, the Season 2 opener on May 15 finds Calgary's WestJet team, dubbed Cabin Pressure, facing an impromptu glee club made up of Ontario Provincial Police officers.

"It's hard, you get real emotional," said Van Winkle to Postmedia. "I know we're supposed to be a judge and keep that composure and everything, but, heck, you can't not emotionally get into it because it's so touching. Now, they capture us, as judges, on film, having those emotion-al moments for Season 2. I'd rather be a judge next to Simon Cowell and be able to critique people on their professionalism or choreography, or whole stage presentation, or nerves, or whatever it is. But this is very touching, very emotional, because you feel what these people are feeling."

The season premiere of "Canada Sings" is tonight (Tuesday) at 10pm on Global.