What We Want in NBA 2K13

Our dreams and desires for 2K Sports' next basketball outing. 

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

With NBA 2K13 locked into an October 2nd release date in North America (October 5th internationally) for nearly every system under the sun (the Wii U version's launch is still under wraps, though), we drafted up this wish list for the folks at 2K to create a more well-rounded basketball simulation.

A more robust Franchise Mode.

Like Madden, GMs and investors should suit up and recreate entire franchises and not just carry a team year-to-year in today's Franchise Mode. Build Sims-like gameplay investing in stadium deals, building sponsor lists, and running day-to-day basketball operations better than Michael Jordan's lowly Bobcats.

Improved auto-generated rookies.

Ever since NBA 2K introduced auto-generated rookies, they share the same features with 10 or 11 different looks. Play several Franchise mode seasons and you'll see several pairs of twins on the court at the same time. To combat this, rookie appearances should be based on actual NBA 2K employees and hold fan contests to collect new faces to add to the game.

Improve player animations and cut scenes.

Player animations are limited to 15 or 20 moves post-dunk, post-fall, and other celebratory moves. Step it up with improved facial animations (today's NBA 2K'ers rotate their eyes like robots), trash talking, and more on the court antics like nods towards the referee, frustrated pushes, and taunting. In NBA 2K11 and 2K12, players move zombie-like towards the exits during halftime and end-of-game. Even an accidental elbow wouldn't hurt.

Bring on the politics.

Throw down month-long suspensions for aggravated conduct on the court. Hold arbitration in Franchise Mode to dispute suspensions and reward players who do it successfully. Introduce agents to the game with ratings in "My Player" mode to get the longest contract.