‘King’ season 2 is a go

Showcase drama is back with Homicide Detective Jessica King.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox


The popular Showcase crime drama "King" is coming back for a second season next month. Starring Amy Price-Francis ("The Chicago Code," "Grey's Anatomy") as stern Homicide Detective Jessica King, the show follows the hardened cop as she sees things that everyone else misses: in crime scenes, in evidence, in the motivations and drives of the suspects.

For the highly-anticipated season 2 of the show King must not only meet the challenges of each case she is working on but she also needs to juggle being pregnant, dealing with her husband’s potential gambling problems, and keeping up with the changing dynamics of her team.

New additions to King's team this season include Rossif Sutherland ("ER," "The Con Artist"), Karen Robinson ("Lars and the Real Girl"), and Romina D’Ugo ("Turn the Beat Around"), who will be primary characters for the entire second season. "King" mainstays still include Alan Van Sprang ("Cra$h & Burn," "Being Erica"), Gabriel Hogan ("Warehouse 13," "Heartland"), and Tony Nardi ("Intelligence," "Cra$h & Burn"). Their lead, Price-Francis, was thrilled to return to Toronto for her gig on "King" after several successful seasons of having a role on "The Cleaner," an A&E original program. She has also appeared as David Duchovny's girlfriend Meredith on "Californication," a killer with no conscience on "24," a born- again virgin/relationship expert on "Life Unexpected," and, the on again, off again ex-wife to a Chicago cop in Shawn Ryans' latest hit "The Chicago Code."

The "King" season 2 kick-off will take place on Showcase starting Wednesdays at 9pm ET/PT on February 29th.