Netflix Abandons Video Game Rentals Entirely

Netflix has dropped plans to rent out video games indefinitely.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Remember when Netflix wanted to expand into video game rentals alongside their separate DVD rental service, Qwikster? Yea, that’s not happening anymore. Netflix officially shuttered the Qwikster idea a few months ago, and now they’ve shut down the game rental service as well.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made the official announcement yesterday. However, he did not give a reasoning why the video game rental service was taken out of the cards. Granted, Netflix never seemed gung-ho about renting out video games; it’s always seemed like they were just pursuing the demographic to take a slice out of GameFly’s market. But whatever the case, it’s not happening any more, so GameFly can breathe a sigh of relief — if they were scared in the first place, that is.

So if you were hoping Netflix would start dealing video games, it’s time to accept reality and come to terms with the fact that that will probably never happen. At least not any time soon.

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