7 Movie Themes With New Lyrics

Themes from James Bond, Star Wars and Batman – now with much needed words.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

John Williams’ iconic scores are great, but they’re hard to sing along to. The internet is hard at work fixing that problem, writing song lyrics for classic instrumental movie theme songs. From spies to sharks, metal men to bat men, here are 7 classic movie theme songs, now with lyrics:


James Bond

When I die, I hope the last thing I don’t hear is “got milk?”



Bruce Wayne’s never gonna get over that parent murder, huh?


Star Wars

Bill Murray and Star Wars need to cross paths more often.


Indiana Jones

Something tells me the lyricist is not a fan of The Crystal Skull.



I knew I shouldn’t trust my cyborg microwave.



Bobby Brown’s Ghostbusters rap – these hip-hop sharks are swimming for you!


Jurassic Park

Those lyrics are… so beautiful… *tear*


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