8 Furniture Items For Your IRL Bat Cave

Don’t just “like” Batman. Live Batman!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Sure, you could decorate your adult bedroom with normal furniture. Girls won’t get weirded out, parents won’t groan when they visit – I get it. However, if you’re a true Dark Knight enthusiast, you’ve gotta throw the Batarang of caution to the wind and deck out your room in Batman stuff. Here’s a helpful guide to Batman furniture items. Send Alfred to pick these up:


Batmobile Bed

This might literally be the car of your dreams. [via]


Batman Dresser

You need to store all those latex codpieces somewhere. [via]


Batman Ceiling Fan

The Joker has made it uncomfortably warm in your bedroom! Time to switch on the Bat Cave’s ultimate defense mechanism. [via]


Batman Coffee Table

Needs more comics on it. Or at least, the latest issue of Better Homes and Bat Caves. [via]


Batman Sofa

Chillaxin’ with The Bat. [via]


Batman Mirror

Perfect for a Batdello or Catwoman House. [via]


Batman Arm Chair

Fact: if you watch The Dark Knight from this chair, you are an honorary Batman. [via]


Batman Alarm Clock

Bat signal — Gotham needs me! And by “Gotham,” I mean, my regular job. [via]


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