Top 5 Worst Videogame Commercials

The best of the worst in selling video games.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Not so long ago the Dead Island trailer popped up out of nowhere and instantly convinced thousands of gamers to purchase a title that up until that point no one had heard of. This is the power of the commercial, and when utilized correctly it can turn your hopeful underdog into a giant behemoth of a franchise. When used incorrectly, however, it can lead to it turning up on lists such as these.

Here are the top 5 WORST videogame commercials.


5. “Wanna see more?” Err… no.

“HEY!” begins the angry black guy shouting at the stoned teen from out of the television, “You still don’t have a Sega CD?” If he would’ve followed this question by saying “don’t worry, not a lot of people do” then we would have listened to him, but instead he showed us a bunch of underwhelming FMV sequences and messed up our lounge.

Oh, and don’t miss the incredibly creepy face at the end. Shudder.


4. “Jaguar, Jaguar, JAAAAAAGUAAAAR!!!”

“What do children love the most?” thought the Atari marketing team. “I’ve got it…” said a guy in the back, “…math! “and so the marketers scurried away to create this abomination, in which a school teacher stands before a group of dithering adults and does everything but brutally beat the Jaguar into their fragile minds. Unfortunately it didn’t really work with the viewing public.


3. Nintendo Transvestite

If at any point you find yourself in a position where your father is trying to convince you to not tell your mother that you’ve seen him prancing around in her underwear, then I think you’re going to have more pressing matters on your hands than trying to blackmail him out of $40 for a copy of Super Smash Bros.


2. “Whoa! Nice Graphics!”

Remember that time when you invited that kid to your house who was much cooler than you were? Remember when you played on the NES with him and he burst into an impromptu rap about the joys of playing The Legend of Zelda? No? Well that’s because it never f***ing happened. You invited the cool kid to your house; he laughed at you and didn’t show up. You ended up fighting those “bad” creatures from Ganon yourself, alone, and in no way was it “intense”.

“You lied to us Nintendo, so screw you/the new Zelda game looks underwhelming, WIKI-WIKI-WOO!”


1. Oh, Japan.

No embed for this one… You'll just have to go watch it yourself!  Oh, Japan.

Before The Legend of Zelda became the revered and respected franchise it is today, Japanese Nintendo marketers decided the best way to promote A Link to the Past would be to have Link, Zelda & co. break out their best boyband moves to a rendition of House of Pain’s “Jump Around”. Unfortunately, Ganon neither jumps nor gets down. Spoil sport.