Warner Bros. to Make Flixster Relevant

Upload your DVDs into the digital cloud with Flixster? What?!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Not long ago Time Warner bought the internet service Flixster. Honestly, we didn't even report on it at the time because Flixster's social relevance is, in the grand scheme of thing, basically minimal. That could be about to change: Time Warner has announced big, big plans for the service that could change the way we watch, share and purchase movies… or possibly crash and burn. What is it?

Hollywood Reporter reports that Time Warner will turn Flixster into a cloud-based content storage system, allowing users to upload their own DVDs and play them at any time on any of their systems. Users will also be able to rent and buy videos via stored credit card information. 

The industry seems to be moving towards cloud-based content lately, which years of science fiction stories have told us to be scared of. Placing all information in a single place – even if that place is technically everywhere – raises concerns of system failure, piracy and, naturally, the cloud gaining sentience and destroying us all. In other words, we'd recommend against uploading those DVDs of The Terminator. Tempting fate.

Can Warner Bros. actually make Flixster relevant? Time will tell. This is either going to change the moviemaking game forever, or fail miserably. We'll find out together, won't we?

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