‘Riddick 3’ Shooting This Summer!

Vin Diesel spills his proverbial guts on Facebook, revealing that Riddick will once again spill the literal guts.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

When last we heard from Vin Diesel, he'd revealed on Facebook that he and Pitch Black director David Twohy were not only working on another Riddick movie, but that it would be a 'Hard R,' even though it meant serious budget cut backs. We were fine with that. Adding tens of millions of dollars to The Chronicles of Riddick's budget certainly didn't do it any favors. Now it seems that the project is officially moving forward, according to Vin Diesel, once again on Facebook.

Diesel posted the following on his fan page today:


D T the writer/director just landed in New York with the good news. We can start filming this summer. However, there is a catch… in order for us to make a true R rated film, I must work for scale upfront. Not unlike the "Find me Guilty" experience (which I wouldn't have changed for the world)…

Money is always second to art, integrity and spirit… but the real issue is deeper. Can I suspend my life, to momentarily venture to that dark place… called Riddick. 

Now, I need to hear from Our collective… you. 

Wisdom and clarity appreciated.

Hmm… Sounds like he's classy enough to go through with the film despite the salary cut, but not so classy that he can't voice his disappointment.

Whatever. A newer, cheaper, and hopefully better Riddick movie is on the way. Finally.

Crave Online will be back with more Riddick 3 news as it updates its profile.