6 Painful and Hilarious Cheerleading Fails!

"Go! Fight! Win! Win! WI--- OH MY GOD, MY FEMUR!!!!"

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Everyone likes having cheerleaders. They pump up the crowd, they bring the noise, and often times, what we know as, "the funk." But most importantly, they are the anchor of pride for any school or sports team. One must only look to the cheerleading squad for peak atheletic prowess and the uncanny ability to spread rumors about that creepy kid in biology class. 

As football season is in full-spring and as basketball is starting to settle in for the long winter, we here at CRAVE thought now was the time, more than any other to honor the failure of the ones we know as "Cheerleaders."

Have a look:


Backflip into a wheelchair for life: 

That was not a fart, it was your butthole puckering. 


Lacrosse cheerleader gets nailed (and no, not in a good way):

"Hi, I'm Amber and welcome to Jackass."


Cheerleader gets DEMOLISHED by team:

It's better than have them running into you than running away from you, we guess. Enjoy the neckbrace. 


Back-hand Spring goes wrong:

Homer Simpson is more athletic than this.



Kirsten Dunst could have pulled it off. 


Cheerleader gets launched in the wrong direction: 

We want to leave you in silence now.