How To Play Sports Like A Boss (7 Videos)

These athletes play by their own awesome rules.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If you want to succeed in sports, you need to practice all the time and play hard. However, if you’re also able to add a special sauce to the mix of “check this out” and “I don’t give a s***,” you’re playing in a whole new league. Here are 7 videos showing how to play sports like a boss:


Baseball Like A Boss

That’s called The Ol’ Getting The Batter’s Hopes Up.


Football Like A Boss

To be fair, they drafted him from Parkour College.


Motorcycle Racing Like A Boss

Gives new meaning to the phrase “take a knee.”


Basketball Like A Boss

Volleyball moves work in every sport.


Cycling Like A Boss

The truck is his offensive lineman.


Managing Soccer Like A Boss

Gooooooaaaaaal Sliiiiiiiiiide!


Running Hurdles Like A Boss

He got to the finish line, what more do you want?


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