T.G.I.M.! #144

Getting you set for the sports week ahead!

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With the Super Bowl behind us and the NFL season officially over, we are left with basketball and more basketball to fill the void until baseball returns. Luckily, we have a week chalk full of excellent games at both the collegiate level and the pro's so though the parting of the NFL brings sadness to most, at least we have something!



(NCAABB) Connecticut at No 25 Louisville

(NBA) Utah at New York) 7:30 pm NBATV

(NCAABB) Texas at Texas A&M 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) Oklahoma City at Portland 10 pm NBATV



(NCAABB) No 11 Florida at No 1 Kentucky 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Iowa St. at Oklahoma St. 7 pm ESPN2

(NBA) Cleveland at Miami 7:30 pm FXPOH

(NCAABB) Purdue at No 3 Ohio St. 9 pm ESPN



(NCAABB) No 14 Georgetown at No 2 Syracuse 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 8 Kansas at No 6 Baylor 7 pm ESPN2

(NBA) New York at Washington 7 pm NBATV

(NCAABB) No 5 Duke at No 6 North Carolina 69 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Seton Hall at Rutgers 9 pm ESPN2

(NBA) Houston at Portland 10 pm NBATV



(NCAABB) No. 20 Wisconsin at Minnesota 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Ole Miss at No 19 Mississippi St. 7 pm ESPN2

(NBA) LA Lakers at Boston 8 pm TNT

(NBA) Oklahoma at Sacramento 10:30 pm TNT

(NCAABB) No 16 Saint Mary's at Gonzaga 11 pm ESPN2



(NBA) LA Lakers at New York 8 pm ESPN

(NBA) Oklahoma City at Utah 10:30 pm ESPN



(NCAABB) Butler at Cleveland St. 11 am ESPN2

(NCAABB) No 25 Louisville at West Virginia 12 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Connecticut at No 2 Syracuse 1 pm CBS

(NCAABB) Kansas St at Texas 2 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Maryland at No 5 Duke 4 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Wichita St at No 12 Creighton 5 pm ESPN 2

(NCAABB) No 10 Michigan St at No 3 Ohio St 6 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 1 Kentucky at Vanderbilt 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) Denver at Indiana 7 pm NBATV

(NBA) Phoenix at Sacramento 10 pm NBATV



(NCAABB) St. Johns at No 14 Georgetown 1 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Illinois at No 22 Michigan 1 pm CBS

(NBA) Chicago at Boston 3:30 pm abc

(NBA) Miami at Atlanta 7 pm ESPN

(NBA) Utah at Memphis 9:30 pm ESPN