PlayUp App Hits The Super Bowl

NFL Stars Steven Jackson and Stevie Johnson will host PlayUp chat rooms during the big game!

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

There's nothing better than sitting in a room full of you and your friends, picking sides on the big game, and then goin' after each other until the last second ticks off the game clock.  It's all in good fun of course.  The camaraderie that exists between close friends is what makes watching sports as a group so much fun.  But take a look at my situation.  Like so many people, I moved away from home.  My whole life I grew up in Wichita, KS.  All of my friends are there.  But now, I live in Los Angeles.  Fortunately there is now a way I can watch those same games with my friends from back home. 

PlayUp is a new iPhone app that gives you updated scores from all over the sports world, but even better, gives you a chance to join in chat rooms and even make your own chat rooms and invite your friends!  So now, I can watch the Kansas City Cheifs game in LA and still talk to my friends back home at the same time.  This Sunday, PlayUp is doing something a little special for the Super Bowl.  NFL stars Steven Jackson and Stevie Johnson will be hanging out on PlayUp during the big game!

On Super Bowl Sunday, Jackson and Johnson will be corresponding with fans all over the world by creating their own interactive virtual hangouts where fans can join and message with them about the action transpiring in Indianapolis, as Eli Manning and the New York Giants take on Tom Brady’s New England Patriots in a rematch of the epic Super Bowl XLII in which the underdog Giants prevailed 17-14.

In addition to engaging with fans in their own public rooms, Jackson and Johnson will also be hopping to other rooms and chatting with additional football addicts. Jackson will be using his PlayUp username “sj39” and Johnson will be using “StevieJohnson13”.

“We are thrilled that both stars are choosing PlayUp to engage with passionate football fans over the Super Bowl,” said Dennis Lee, PlayUp USA CEO. “PlayUp is making it easier than ever before for sports fans to connect with each other, along with their favorite athletes. We know football fans will love having the chance to interact with these outstanding players. Both Stevie Johnson and Steven Jackson are great partners for PlayUp given their love for their fans and the way they have successfully used social media to connect with them.”

You can download the PlayUp App from the iTunes App Store:  PlayUp App

If you guys want to tell me about your thoughts on the game, my username on PlayUp is "nash24".

Come join in on the fun! 

It's Super Bowl time!!!!


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