T.G.I.M.! #143

Getting you set with a weeks worth of sports action.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It's SuperBowl week and you know what that means, tons and tons of coverage for the big game. Want to know Tom Brady's grandmothers shoe size? You will find it out! Want to know the exact count of moles on Eli Manning's backside? You will know it! Yep, this week is all about every piece of information you can imagine about these two remaining teams as stations compete for that one bit of info that will stand out among the rest.

*all times are in EST



(NCABB) Pittsburgh at West Virginia 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 2 Missouri at Texas 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) Chicago at Washington 7 pm NBATV

(NBA) Oklahoma City at LA Clippers 10:30 pm NBATV



(NCAABB) No. 11 Michigan St at Illinois 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Clemson at No 21 Virginia 7 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB) Vanderbilt at Arkansas 9 pm ESPN



(NCAABB) No 19 Connecticut at No 10 Georgetown 7 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB) No 7 Baylor at Texas A&M 9 pm ESPN2

(NBA) Oklahoma City at Dallas 8 pm ESPN

(NBA) LA Clippers at Utah 10:30 pm ESPN



(NCAABB) No 6 Duke at Virginia Tech 7 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Nebraska at Northwestern 7 pm ESPN2

(NCAABB) South Carolina at No 13 Florida 9 pm ESPN2

(NCABB) UCLA at Washington 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) Chicago at New York 8 pm TNT

(NBA) Denver at LA Clippers 10:30 pm TNT



(NBA) New York at Boston 8 pm ESPN

(NBA) LA Lakers at Denver 10:30 pm ESPN



(NCAABB) No 4 Syracuse at St. Johns 12 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) Vanderbilt at no 13 Florida 1 pm CBS

(NCAABB) No 3 Ohio St at No 25 Wisconsin 2 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 1 Kentucky at South Carolina 6 pm ESPN

(NCAABB) No 5 Kansas at No 2 Missouri 9 pm ESPN

(NBA) Orlando at Indiana 8 pm NBATV

(NBA) Denver at Portland 10 pm NBATV



(NBA) Memphis at Boston 12 pm NBATV

(NCAABB) No 22 Michigan at No 11 Michigan St 1 pm CBS

(NCAABB) Villanova at Pittsburgh 2 pm ESPN

(NFL) SuperBowl XLVI: Giants vs Patriots 6:30 pm NBC