NBA Power 10: Week of 1-13-12

Ranking the ten best NBA teams.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With the NFL season winding down, it's time to set our sights on the NBA with our power polls and for the first one, the Bulls are topping the list. Basketball, thanks to it's numerous injuries and number of games played, is a fluid sport and just because you're on top now doesn't mean you will stay this way. Expect a lot of movement in next weeks edition.


1. Chicago Bulls (10-2)

Easily the deepest team in the league, the Chicago Bulls boast arguably the best set of bigs in the game. Throw in Derrick Rose on top of that and you have a recipe for success.


2. Miami Heat (8-3)

After starting out 8-1 and blowing away teams and reporters alike, the Heat have cooled somewhat with back to back losses. While they are almost assuredly the team to beat in the Eastern Conference, the same late game problems seem to plague them that crippled them last year in the Finals.


3. Oklahoma City (10-2)

The loss of Eric Maynor for the season doesn't seem to be slowing the Thunder down much and with how the other top teams in the Western Conference just seem to be getting older and slower, then I would say this is the year of the Thunder.


4. Portland TrailBlazers (7-3)

Portland is off to it's best start in over a decade and much of that is due to the defensive intensity Gerald Wallace has brought game in and game out this season. If he can find his scoring touch, this team will go from being good to being dangerous.


5. San Antonio Spurs (7-4)

Well, the Spurs are the Spurs, just like every year in recent memory. They are a seasoned bunch of vets who are staying near the top of the Western Conference. The only real question is whether they will have anything left in the tank come playoff time.


6. Orlando Magic (8-3)

The Magic will go as far as Dwight Howard wants to take them and as of this moment, he seems pretty content to stay in Orlando. Is he just being professional or is he going to stay? That is the question.


7. LA Lakers (8-4)

Like the Spurs, the Lakers are the Lakers and as long as they have Kobe, then they are a threat in the West. Andrew Bynum will be key for any postseason success. If he can play with the skill he's shown in the early going and stay healthy, then watch out.


8. Atlanta Hawks (8-4)

The loss of All-Star center Al Horford for three to four months is huge for an Atlanta team that was already inconsistent. Maybe this will wake them up and make them play committed basketball.


9. Indiana Pacers (7-3)

Indiana is one of the more balanced teams in the Eastern Conference so far this season. They are getting great play from their starters and good production from their bench. While they may lack that knockout punch, they are a team nobody wants to face.


10. Philadelphia 76ers (7-3)

The 76ers have defied expectations with a fast start and have looked pretty good in the process. Whether they can keep it up or not is another question entirely but that's something for down the road. For right now, they are a top team in the East.