T.G.I.M.! #129

With football every day that ends with a "y", isn't it great to start the week.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

With all the influx of 'reality' into our tv's, it sometimes lost that we've been getting this 'reality' on a weekly basis since before the television was even created. Sports have been delivering the real in a much realer fashion that any American Idol or X-Factor could ever hope to produce and the drama, excitement, and overall uncertainty that happens with every game is something that no directed and produced show could ever match.

This week brings us a yearly event that is the pinnacle of one of the major three sports, the conclusion of the World Series. With St Louis and Texas evened up at 2 games apiece, we are guaranteed at least 2 more games and let me tell you, if you don't watch any baseball throughout the year, then tune in now, because there is nothing like the intensity of playoff baseball.

If baseball just isn't your thing and you love the pigskin, then ESPN has the hook-up for you all week long. That's right, the leading contributor to divorces across the globe (who want to pay attention to a wife when there is sports on) is on a mission to make sure football fans don't have to go one day without seeing someone tackled. They are giving us the Monday night NFL game followed by a week of college games, all in prime-time, to get us through this work week.

Finally, once the glorious weekend returns, there is some top flight college games to wet the whistle on Saturday followed by another day of the greatest game of them all, NFL football. Some people just dread Monday because it starts another week of work but you gotta look at the bright side, it also starts another week of sports!

Here is a list of the major games on this week.



Baltimore Ravens vs Jacksonville Jaguars 8:30 pm est ESPN

World Series Game 5: St. Louis at Texas 8:05 pm est FOX



Troy at Florida International 8 pm est ESPN2



Conneticut at Pittsburgh 8 pm est ESPN

World Series Game 6: Texas at St. Louis 8:05 pm FOX



Virginia at Miami (FL) 8 pm est ESPN

(if needed) World Series Game 7: Texas at St. Louis 8:05 pm est FOX



Bringham Young at TCU 8 pm est ESPN



No.11 Michigan St. at No. 14 Nebraska 12 pm est ESPN

No. 9 Oklahoma at No. 8 Kansas State 3:30 pm est ESPN



New England at Pittsburgh 4:15 pm est, CBS

Dallas at Philadelphia 8:20 pm est NBC