Top 5 Surprises From NFL Week 3

Blown away in Buffalo and trickery in Chicago.  Doesn't get much better than Week 3!

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Week 3 of the NFL season was approached by many as a litmus test for the season.  Yes some teams like Buffalo and Detroit has shown promise, but could they really keep it up?  Cam Newton seemed to be a God, but would he live up to the hype once again?

All in all, it was an exciting weekend, and these are your five most surprising moments.


5.  Detroit Finally Takes Down the Vikings

The Detroit Lions started off Week 3 at 2-0.  There were some that saw it coming, but many were skeptical that it was just a lucky run, and the joyride would come to an abrupt stop in Minnesota; a place where the Lions hadn't won since 1997.  Lucky for Lions fans, (when was the last time anyone said that) Matt Stafford led his team on a come-from-behind win, down 20 at the half!  This victory took Detroit to 3-0 for the first time since 1980.  With the Dallas Cowboys coming up this weekend, we'll see if Detroit can continue to reward their patient fan base.


4.  Vick Ain't Got No Tricks

The Philadelphia Eagles were touted immediately after the end of the lockout as the team made up of more than just mere mortals.  The trades that they landed, the contracts that were signed, they were a dream team and no one could even think of touching them on a football field!  Well, other than the majority of the teams they've played so far of course.  And Vick is being man-handle more than he was in federal prison.  I'm sure the man is having flashbacks.  The way his offensive line is protecting him, they might as well just throw his soap on the shower floor.


3.  Buffalo Shocks the Patriots.  And the Football World.

Ok maybe I'm over-reacting just a bit.  Everyone knew coming into Week 3 that the Patriots really were the better team and should win this game.  But, there was that undeniable feeling, deep in everyone's stomach, that Buffalo was actually going to pull this game off.  When they were down 21-0 I almost turned the game off, but I couldn't.  Something told me that Buffalo wasn't done.  That game was by far the most entertaining NFL game I have seen in a while.  Brady self-destructed, which he never does, the Patriots gave up crazy point, which they don't always do, and Buffalo looked like a real football team.  Weird, I know.  Bottom line, the Bills ended a 15-game losing streak against the Pats and are ready to take on Cincy this weekend.  We'll see if they can keep it going.


2.  Da' Bears Stump the Pack'

There's not much to write about this.  I'm just going to let you watch the video.  All I can say is, I don't see a hold, even though they threw a flag for it.  And even if there was a hold, it was 40 yards away from the ball.  I think the Bears just faked out the Refs too and the zebras didn't want to admit it.  Just my personal opinion.


1.  Brady Falls Apart

Tom Brady, you long haired douche!  You ruined my Fantasy team Week 3!  What the hell man, four picks?!  Four picks?!?!  Tom Brady had not thrown a pick in 444 passes when he threw his first pick of the day in Week 3.  Well he went on to throw three more, giving the victory to the Bills, and showing that the number 4 was some how significant in his passing game last Sunday.  444 passes before a pick, then 4 picks…  &%!$ you Brady…  You made me lose…



Ok so I know that this is supposed to be NFL surprises, but I could not pass this one up.   Syracuse and Toledo played each other this last Saturday that ended in a nail-biter.  Unfortunately, the score was wrong.

During a pivotal point in the game, Syracuse, who went on to win the game, kicked a field goal that was called good, reviewed and upheld.  Only problem, it obviously did not go through the uprights.  Check it out for yourself!