16 Skull-Shaped Halloween Eats

Scare up a Halloween-themed menu with these skull-shaped foods.

Erica Riveraby Erica Rivera
Photo: Mauricio Romero Vidal / EyeEm, Getty Images.

Americans are obsessed with skulls. Somehow they’ve replaced Jack-o-Lanterns as the emblem of Halloween. Is this just run-of-the-mill cultural appropriation, robbing Mexico’s Day of the Dead skull symbolism and re-purposing it for our own amusement? Is it a throwback to that infamous “Alas, poor Yorick!” scene in Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Or are skulls representative of our morbid fascination, another relic of how little we leave behind when we die?

Whatever the cause, edible skulls are all the rage on Instagram. Whereas you used to see skulls exclusively in brightly-colored candy form or as frosted cookies, now creative cooks of all skill levels are whipping up savory items like sushi, grilled cheese, and spaghetti in skull form. Inspired to replicate them? Look for skull-shaped cooking tools and molds at a specialty store for easier imitation.

These are just a few of the wacky and weird ways you can use skulls to celebrate the haunted spirit of Halloween. A warning: nobody said this would be pretty!

16 Skull-Shaped Halloween Eats