Aki Hoshino: Japan’s Hottest Idol

Feel free to Google her for any future "research" you want to conduct.

CraveOnlineby CraveOnline
Photo: TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA (Getty Images)

Do you know what Japanese idols are? No, they are not some inanimate statues that the Japanese pray to, expecting a response from an omnipotent deity. Well, not quite. These Japanese idols are actually hot female models whose only aim is to amaze the people with their cuteness. Today we will introduce you to one of the hottest Japanese idols right now, Aki Hoshino, through a set of amazing Instagram pictures. You might not believe us when we say it, but Hoshino is actually 40 now. See if her pictures state the same.

In this picture, you can see Aki Hoshino showing the fans the underwear she bought at a very affordable price because she’s a responsible 40-year-old woman. In any other context, lifting a skirt in a photo might be considered provocative, but we know better. Note that she also managed to make a top out of her old jeans because, for her, there’s no such thing as “too old.”

Here is Aki pretending to be an ostrich. We know she isn’t doing all that well, but you can at least pretend that it’s OK because she’s really trying. It’s either that or that she’s trying to hear some bed bugs that live in her mattress. You can see why the option number one is somewhat preferable here, as it makes her only slightly insane.

In this picture, you can see one of Aki’s many contradictions. Here she is, somewhere at an open sea with the sun shining so hard that it’s way too hot even for a bikini. That being said, Aki knows that a sudden gust of wind can easily get her sinuses going, so she always carries the tiny scarf she knit when she was considering a change of career. As you can see, the scarf is so small and sad that she ultimately decided to carry on with this modeling business.

Of course, probably the most commendable thing about Aki is the fact that she is a housewife before all and always makes sure that her dishes are sparkling clean. Some might consider using a hose to wash the dishes a bit wasteful, but Aki makes no compromises when she’s at the sink. Also, the reason why she’s in this somewhat weird position is that she’s super protective of her dishes and doesn’t like people intruding on her privacy.

Although she never uses makeup, this time Aki decided to go against her instinct and try some on for her tiny, jockey husband. The only problem is that she was never good at painting within the lines and says that putting on lipstick was more difficult than giving birth. If you ignore a couple of smudges, here and there, you could say that she did an all right job.

If there’s one thing Aki Hoshino loves more than taking pictures, it’s playing some good old rock-n-roll. Here, you can see her busting a sick solo from the latest Nickleback song. “But Nickleback songs don’t really have any solo parts” you might ask. Well, exactly.

Finally, here’s Aki taking a break from reading all of the books from her own library in order to enjoy some cool notes from her flute. Basically, she’s showing her appreciation for everything made out of wood. Not only is she gorgeous, she is also a dedicated environmentalist.

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